Summer Select Showcase Team

The Soccer Smith Summer Select Program is geared toward the advanced soccer player who is looking to continue their development through the summer months in a challenging and educational program. Each team trains twice a week and each session is designed to develop the individual player's technical ability, while increasing tactical awareness and fitness. Our flexible schedule allows players plenty of time to attend family vacations and holidays, while avoiding the talent gap that occurs when players take several months off. ​​


5 weeks of professional training

10 Training Sessions

2-3 College Showcase Tournaments

Age Groups:

Birth years: 2001-2004

Program Dates:

June 24-July 28

Boys Tryout Dates:

DATE: March 15th

2001 & 2002: 8-9pm 

2003 & 2004:  7-8pm    

Girls Tryout Dates:

DATE: March 15th

2001 & 2002: 8-9pm

2003 & 2004: 7-8 pm



The tryout will be held at Nex Level Arena. Arrive early to check in and received your tryout number. Directions are located to the right.

Program Cost

Showcase Teams: =$435 (plus uniform)